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Our customers:



What do we offer?

Specialised translation


We have extensive experience in the specialised translation of all types of texts: from technical manuals and medical protocols to catalogues and sales presentations.


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We don’t just translate. Our native translators also adapt the content taking into account the cultural aspects of the destination country and this increases the impact of your campaigns, websites and applications.

Proofreading and editing

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We correct the spelling, grammar, style and punctuation of original texts. They are checked over by proofreaders who are native speakers of the language in which the document is written.



We offer professional specialist audio, video and subtitling transcriptions to digital format for all types of content: from advertising campaigns, interviews and speeches to trials and master classes.



Communicate better with your audience in presentations, interviews and international events with our simultaneous real-time interpretation services or our liaison or consecutive interpretation services.

Sworn translation


Our certified translators can provide you with a sworn translation of all types of documentation necessary for official procedures.

Layout and DTP


The translation, localisation or proofreading of your content will not affect its original format. We return your document in the format you need, ready for digital use or printing.

Event broadcasting


Maximise the impact of your events and meetings through multilingual broadcasting. We use streaming technology for the recording and broadcast, in real time or delayed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our services or wish to discuss your specific needs.

 Our guarantee is the loyalty of our customers and 
 our more than 25 years of experience 


Customised solutions

 Medicine and pharmaceuticals 
  • Medical publications

  • Clinical testing protocols

  • Monographs and product presentations

  • Registration dossiers

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Training material

  • Informed consents

 Marketing and communication 
  • Printed and digital content

  • Promotional brochures

  • Newsletters and mailings

  • Websites and applications

  • Press releases

  • Customer service

 Finance, banking 
 and in
  • Annual reports

  • Presentation of results

  • Quarterly reports

  • Audit reports

  • Insurance policies and terms and conditions

  • Product sheets

  • Technical manuals

  • Software localisation

  • Information technologies

  • Terms and conditions

  • Contracts and powers of attorney

  • Privacy and cookies policies

  • Terms of service

  • Licences and permits

  • Certifications and qualifications

  • Trademarks and patents


What our customers say...

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“The work produced in response to our requests has always been fantastic. They have always delivered the translations on the requested date and when queries have arisen they have always informed us and answered on time. We enjoy working with INK Multilingual thanks to its trust, understanding, commitment and determination”.

S. R., Clinical Trial Associate at TFS

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“We have been working with INK Multilingual for years as a supplier for the translation of materials and documents. This loyalty is due to the treatment we have received from its staff and to the service that they have always provided: quick, flexible, efficient and competitive. We will undoubtedly continue to use them for future projects”.

Dr. Ll. R., MSL Coagulation, Medical Department

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